More about Apply

Apply is devotional journal for teenagers, designed to help them access the Bible in a way that shows them how it applies to each area of their lives. We know that reading the Bible regularly is a habit that will change teenagers' lives, so we wanted to make a resource that would let them explore God's word for themselves and see what it has to say to them. 

Bible devotionals for young people haven't changed much in the past 30 years, so Apply is a fresh approach. It has 52 sessions, each of which explores a Bible passage by using the 9 Ways to dig into the meaning behind the verses. These 9 Ways show our readers how to be Grateful for what God is saying, how to Reflect on the Bible, and how to Evaluate where they currently stand. It gives them a chance to Tell God how they're feeling, and hear from Him, as well as Involve Others by reaching out and becoming accountable within their communities. Each session will help them Grow in their knowledge of the Bible, will Inspire them to ponder on Bible truths, encourages them to Action, and challenges them to Go Big in terms of how they apply the passage. 

Apply can be used alone or by groups, daily or over a longer period of time. It has lots of space for journalling so will become a really personal book that walks them through their Bible-reading journey. 

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